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HP JetDirect Print Servers

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Differences between "A" and "G" versions of HP print servers.

As of 2006 HP converted all new JetDirect print servers to be RoSH (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

It was done for several reasons including compliance with EU regulation, to simplify global supply chain management and to pre-empt pending legislation in countries outside of the EU.

For HP's JetDirect print servers RoSH compliant products have a product number ending in "G"

It may be useful to know that there is no difference from a functionality perspective between the RoSH version of JetDirect print servers. (e.g. JetDirect 300X J3263G ) and the non-RoSH version (JetDirect 300X J3263A ).

Both products have the same firmware and funtion identically.